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About us

Semear Group

Semear Group is a family farming production company of 3 generations that is totally involved with the delivery of the best quality products. Our experience is focused on Chia and Quinoa. We are a company with a lot of experience in the international market. Located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia economic and industrial center of the country. We have an intensive production due to the excellent climatic condition and the incomparable quality of soil that our production area offers us. Our production has a strict quality control plan in all its stages, from sowing to the time of export. Semear sows, harvests, processes and exports organic chia seeds of the highest quality to the world.


It is to produce first quality foods that allow us to compete in the international market and provide our customers with quality products and speed in our offices.


It is a reference company in our country in the processing of chia and seeds such as soy, corn, wheat and sunflower.


The values that stand out for us as a company are:







Our mission is to be the best